Tutu Cute! Dance With Me! (Ages 18-36 Months)


Tutu Cute! Dance With Me! 

(Use age as of first class)

45 Minute Class

 8 Week Session Cost: $125.00

No Registration Fees

                             Special: Sign up for 2 consecutive sessions and receive $10.00 off 2nd session                                  



 This class has been specially designed 18-36 month olds who are not yet comfortable being in a class alone, each child is joined in the class by a parent or caregiver who will be the child's "dancing partner". Through movement exercises, games, stories and other activities, the very young are introduced to the joy of creative movement in a fun, musical setting. 


Each Session adults and children will enjoy a different themes with fun music and activities. 


Session 1Fun, Fun, Fun 

Session 2: Animals Galore                                                                                                           

Session 3:  Go, Go, Go                                                                                                                   

Session 4The Body Electric                                                                                                         

Session 5:  Summer Fun 



*Both adult and young students are free to wear comfortable clothing and socks or leather ballet slippers. Parents wanting to buy traditional dance wear, it is recommended students wear a lavender leotard with ballet skirt, pink footed tights and pink leather ballet slippers with no drawstring. Hair should be pulled back neatly in a bun or ponytail.  It is recommended gentlemen wear a white t-shirt and black bottoms (pants or shorts), black leather ballet slippers.


FAQ: Frequently asked questions and answers for the start of the new dance season!


Q: When do classes start?

A: 9/8/16


Q: What should my child wear?

A: Please refer to our website under class descriptions and dress codes for class dance wear.

Class Description

Q: Where should I get their supplies?

A: We carry supplies at the studio. You are welcome to stop in during registration hours or before class to be fitted. There are also local dance supply stores that will carry what you need. Target and Walmart will carry some supplies seasonally also. (NO CLOTH SLIPPERS)


Q: Where do parents wait during class?

A: We have a comfortable waiting room for parents to wait while their child is in class.

Q: Can we go into class with our child?

A: We ask that the parents wait in our waiting room so that our dancers stay focused on the teacher. We will have special parents days so that parents can observe class. Only parents registered in Dance With Me class will be allowed in the room to participate.


Q: Can we see them from the waiting room?

A: Both classrooms have glass doors so that parents can peak in on their dancer.


Q: Do parents have have to stay during class?

A: We do request that parents wait while their dancers are in class.


Q: Do students registered in 8 week courses participate in your year end recital?

A: No, but parents are invited to observe the last class of the 8 week session.


Q: Does Tiny Tutus offer discounts for families participating in multiple 8 week sessions?

A: Yes. Sign up for consecutive sessions and get 10.00 off the next session. Must sign up 2 weeks prior to next session for discount. Makeups are only offered if available in that session. Multi class discount does not apply to 8 week courses.


Q: What are the dates of the four 8 week Sessions?

A: Session 1: 9/8/16- 10/29/16

(Monday session:11/7 due to holiday)

Session 2: 11//3/16- 1/14/17

(Monday session starts 11/14)

Session 3: 1/16/17- 3/11/17

Session 4: 3/13/17- 5/6/17


Please remember that we are here to help! If you have any questions please contact Susan or Jaclyn at tinytutusdancecenter@gmail.com or 856-638-5451





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